New Set Photos And Report – 26Th Jan

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Audrey for the following.

Here are the pics from 26th jan. Either 612 or 613, not sure.

Matthex Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia, Harold Perrineau and Zuleikha Robinson was on the set, at the beach.

– Hurley and Michael talk at cemetery.
– Hurley stays at cemetery, Jack has a shotgun, talks to Hurley and lets him here.
– Hurley and Ilana talk at cemetery and she leaves with her shotgun.
– The doubles of Hurley and Ilana was here and they acted.
– Ajira Airways Flight 316 was already on the set and workmen was colored it.

Please forgive any mistakes in my english. I’m french and I sometimes express myself in an awkward manner.

Source: Audrey@DarkUFO

Lost Season 6 – Set Photo And Report – 9Th Feb

Thanks to DarkUFO reader RangerRebel for the following.

Went to Pearl Harbor this morning and saw the crew setting up at the USS Bowfin. We talked to one of the guys and he said they will be filming inside the submarine starting at 4pm local time today. In the pic you can see the cables running along the right side of the sidewalk down towards the sub.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader RangerRebel for the following Lost Season 6 - Set Photo and Report - 9th Feb

Source: RangerRebel@DarkUFO